Thank you for visiting us during the Eastside Culture Crawl 2019

Thank you for visiting us during the Eastside Culture Crawl 2019
Eastside Culture Crawl 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Beata pursues her life’s bliss in the outdoors, finding art, in all its forms, wherever she goes. A bohemian at heart, most of her life was spent studying, experimenting with, and learning the behaviors of different medias. You can often see her expressing her creative passions on the streets of Vancouver with a camera, or in her art studio making and teaching art, craft and jewelry making. She has cultivated her artistic outlook during her travels around the ancient globe. Originally from Poland, Beata Kacy is the creator and founder of Soigné and Octopus Studios and it’s 20 resident artists. With over 14 years of digital media experience, Beata has worked in many domains including software, interactive touchscreen, web, and over 8 years specifically in the console and casual gaming markets. With a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and a Bachelor in Computer Science. Beata further honoured her artistic sense by attending Vancouver Film School in Digital Media. Additionally, she is a graduate from Emily Carr University where she studied Fine Arts in Practice. She is holding a Precious Metal Clay Teachers Certificate and Hadar Jacobson Art in Metal Clay Accreditation Program. As a Certified Rescue Scuba Diver, Beata discovered her interest in human body motion under the water and she established her Underwater Photography project which was in Slideluck Vancouver.




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