10th year anniversary, come and celebrate with us at Eastside Culture Crawl

10th year anniversary, come and celebrate with us at Eastside Culture Crawl
November 17,18,19,20

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ideet is an artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Ideet's current exploration involves organic geometric forms, the space they create on paper and in our thoughts. Inspirations include quantum physics, dreams, and her two kids. Ideet graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 1998 and works as a Computer Graphics artist and animator in the film, tv and video game industry. Ideet is supervising an animation team on a Dreamworks title and creating mixed media art.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Marts Musa I am a story teller, photographer, mixed media artist, humor writer, nurse, mama to 2 crazy pups and wife to an amazing talented artist. My previous works were influenced by the stories I saw travelling the world. But that has changed in the last few years courtesy of a car accident and "Bertha" (my ever present head injury). "Bertha" has not only radically changed the way I perceive and process information, she has influenced how my creative endeavors translates into a final product. This shift has inspired works that explore the sense of disjointedness and chaos that comes with a brain injury. Whether or not the creative force behind the story is Bertha or something else (e.g my reactive little dog that constantly barks profanities at the neighbors...heavens help me), I always use humor and my art to re-frame life in a positive way. I love to tell my stories from the view point of the darker places. I have always believed that the richest stories of humanity are found in those spaces where light encroaches on darkness. I never find these shadow spaces to be sinister; instead they are filled with optimism, hope and joy. That positivity is what you will see in all my works; spanning the range from photography to mixed media pieces to encaustic paintings. In this spirit of positivism and gratitude for all in my life, ALL PROCEEDS from sales of my work during the Culture Crawl will benefit www.CommunityAndChildHaiti.ca and www.HugaBull.com .

Margo Ronson

Margo designs and creates quality, handmade jewellery using a variety of materials and techniques. Working out of her studio in East Van she forges rings, pendants and earrings in sterling silver, plays with alchemy doing copper electroforming and creates unique macrame jewellery and stained glass decor. She loves to incorporate natural stones, crystals and organic elements in most of her pieces and finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the world around us. From bold statement pieces to minimalist bracelets and rings she has something for everyone.

Nadia M'Seffar

Clean, simple lines, striking details, and natural materials come together by hand to produce modern minimalist home d├ęcor pieces. EM'SAY, a freshly launched design house based out of Railtown’s Octopus Studios in Vancouver BC, offers wood and concrete housewares, from accent furnishings to accessories.

Erin Chow

It was Erin Chow's affinity for colour and pattern that inspired her to launch Haven Textile Company. Driven by the desire to create and a love for aesthetically pleasing interiors Erin found herself naturally drawn to textiles. Using a range of natural plant materials, Erin dyes each piece by hand with a range of binding methods including Shibori. Born and raised in Vancouver, Erin found herself creating from a very young age. Having found herself emotionally tied to aesthetics, it was no surprise that she found a career in Interior Design. With over ten years of experience in the industry Erin made her mark in the industry with publications in Western Living, Style at Home and House and Home. It was while studying with the Maiwa Textile School in Vancouver, Erin’s passion for textiles became evident; Her vision for Haven was seeded and what would soon follow would be a textile and home goods line centered on artisanal one of a kind pieces. With a focus on natural materials and sustainability, Erin incorporates these beliefs into the design process-making them a principal element of Haven Textile Company. She draws inspiration from her love of travel and photography and incorporates these into her designs and visions.

Serena Chu

Serena is a gregarious visual artist originally from Toronto. A jack-of-all-trades, she explores a multitude of media but is currently passionate about pottery. Her 2016 collection features contemporary pottery that includes two series: black and white geometric mountain inspired design and a Pangaea, water and land series. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, unique and a functional piece of tableware. She also designs feather jewellery, knit and crochet wear, hand crafted stationery and much more. You can find Serena teaching exciting workshops, finding great produce at farmer's markets, up to her elbows in her studio, selling at craft markets and sipping coffee as she works at cafes in graphic design.

Engelbert Romero

Originally from Venezuela, Engelbert is a fine art photographer who focuses on creating pieces based on architecture-inspired images. Engelbert is a self-taught photographer, who has been working as commercial photographer over the last five years in Vancouver specializing on commercial and architectural photography. Besides his commercial portfolio, Engelbert has been working on different artistic expressions that use photography and digital art as main outlets. He has been producing fine art photography for a while, but his year he wants to introduce a new artistic concept: "The Architectural Mandala". He uses his digital camera to photograph buildings, keeping an eye out for interesting lines, patterns, forms, and shapes, and he transforms them into digital art by using various photo-editing software applications. He recreates different views of buildings and public spaces by mirroring images, capturing details not evident to the naked eye, and playing with lines, perspective and repetition. The result is a Mandala-like image which reveals the secret shapes and messages that according to him are hidden in the architectural design. Contact Info email: engelbert.romero@gmail.com website: www.engelbertview.com fb: www.facebook.com/engelbertromerophotography ig: www.instagram.com/engelbertromero Ph: 604-910-9797