Thank you for visiting us during the Eastside Culture Crawl 2019

Thank you for visiting us during the Eastside Culture Crawl 2019
Eastside Culture Crawl 2019

Monday, October 24, 2016

Engelbert Romero

Originally from Venezuela, Engelbert is a fine art photographer who focuses on creating pieces based on architecture-inspired images. Engelbert is a self-taught photographer, who has been working as commercial photographer over the last five years in Vancouver specializing on commercial and architectural photography. Besides his commercial portfolio, Engelbert has been working on different artistic expressions that use photography and digital art as main outlets. He has been producing fine art photography for a while, but his year he wants to introduce a new artistic concept: "The Architectural Mandala". He uses his digital camera to photograph buildings, keeping an eye out for interesting lines, patterns, forms, and shapes, and he transforms them into digital art by using various photo-editing software applications. He recreates different views of buildings and public spaces by mirroring images, capturing details not evident to the naked eye, and playing with lines, perspective and repetition. The result is a Mandala-like image which reveals the secret shapes and messages that according to him are hidden in the architectural design. Contact Info email: website: fb: ig: Ph: 604-910-9797

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Jack said...

Engelbert photography is really good. It is not easy for everyone to feel and see the art in abstract images. And congrats on the 10th anniversary.